Buprenorphine Implant

Titan is a development-stage biotechnology company developing proprietary therapeutics using its clinically proven ProNeura® long-term, continuous drug delivery technology.

Buprenorphine Implant
Opioid addiction
3D Animation

For a lot of patients, taking pills and other medication can be challenging. 

 Medication regimens often involve taking multiple medications at different times of the day. This can be confusing and difficult to manage. Patients might forget doses or choose to skip them due to inconvenience. Unpleasant side effects can discourage patients from taking their medications. Patients may misunderstand or misinterpret medication instructions. This, and many other challenges, can lead to missed doses, peaks and valleys of drug delivery and other non-compliance issues.

ProNeura, Titan Pharmaceuticals’ innovative drug delivery platform, is advancing the treatment of select chronic diseases by delivering low-dose, non-fluctuating medication levels for up to one year following a single subdermal insertion procedure The ProNeura technology has the potential to be used in developing products for treating several chronic conditions where maintaining consistent, around-the-clock blood levels of medication may benefit the patient and improve medical outcomes. ProNeura is currently being used for the treatment of opioid use disorder in clinically stable patients.


One of the most important things for us to uncover during our discovery phase is who the intended audience is.

Is it for a science-focused audience, practitioners, caregivers and patients, key opinion leaders, internal teams, an investor audience, or for the general public?  In this case, Titan’s main audience was an investor audience and the goal was to use the video on Titan’s website and in their investor decks. This is a very unique audience that we have years of experience creating messaging for. Biotech and pharmaceutical investors are generally very knowledgeable about science but may not have the expertise to understand deep science or how a drug, device or platform actually works inside the body. 

Most times, we work closely with our clients in the discovery phase to understand their challenges and come up with actionable solutions. However, Titan had some very specific goals in mind. In their own words, they said they were “looking for a way to quickly and easily tell the story of what our implantable technology is and how it works. We want something that is a beautifully executed mechanism of action video for Proneura, that we can explain in fifteen seconds”.

Part of our goal in partnering with our clients is to ask the hard questions that help us, help our clients. In this case, Titan Pharmaceuticals had clear achievable goals, but their expectation to do it in fifteen seconds was going to inhibit clearly communicating or engaging audiences. As a stand-alone animation in a presentation guided by a live presenter, possibly, but as a stand-alone MOA that tells the story of their platform, fifteen seconds just won’t be enough time to convey the necessary information.

Although implantable drug delivery is not new, many audiences don’t really understand how it works or the benefits it offers. That was our challenge.


We are always looking for ways to offer cost-effective solutions for our clients.

And while we weren’t able to deliver a stand-alone solution in fifteen seconds, we did create a comprehensive solution in under two minutes. Using photo-realistic 3D animation along with a story-driven script, an informative announcer, an ethereal soundtrack, and immersive sound design; we open the video by conveying the challenges of taking oral medications for chronic diseases. This includes using dynamic animation of pills being immersed in liquid and dispersing medication. We then showcase the problems of oral dosing by putting challenges directly on red blood cells in flashing yellow type as they travel inside the body. Finally, we transition to the story’s protagonist, Proneura, and how it answers directly to these challenges. This includes taking a deeper dive to show how Proneura transports medication to administer proper dosing over a long period of time.

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