LexaGene LX6

Rapid Pathogen Detection System

On-site real-time PCR chemistry for fast and easy detection of problematic microbes.

LX6 Rapid Pathogen Detection System
Clinical diagnosis, contagion, food & water testing
3D Animation

LexaGene is a medical device with a focus on innovative, open-access pathogen detection systems for healthcare, veterinary science, food science, and biologics manufacturing. 

Rather than sending out samples to be analyzed, LX6 is used onsite to quickly detect up to 22 pathogens at once. And because it’s open-access, it lets healthcare practitioners customize and get back results for their patients in just minutes.


LexaGene had a problem.

Their device offered an amazing alternative to current methods of pathogen detection that require samples to be sent to a lab, analyzed, and returned for diagnosis. However, at investor roadshows or medical conferences, the LX6 just looked like other medical devices. Sure, it looked great, but what did it do? We were tasked with telling the LX6 story, clearly and easily, and explaining what happened inside the box.


Using live-action footage and photo-realistic 3D animation, we took audiences deep inside the LX6.

From master mix to thermal cyclers to lysis buffers that release captured pathogen’s DNA and RNA;  it’s a complex process, but we pulled out all the cinematic stops to make this very complex science understandable to a medical practioner or investor based audience. 

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