BION 1301 Anti-APRIL Monoclonal Antibody

FibroGen creates first-in-class medicines to treat chronic and life-threatening conditions such as anemia, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and pancreatic cancer.

BION 1301 Anti-APRIL Monoclonal Antibody
Kidney Disease, IgA nephropathy
3D Animation

IgA nephropathy is an inflammatory kidney disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Commonly, this leads to dialysis, kidney transplantation, and even death. Chinook Therapeutic’s BION-1301 is a novel antibody for the treatment of Iga Nephropathy.


Even though we’re giving a 30,000-foot overview, the causes of kidney disease and how BION 1301 works is highly complex.

Our targeted audience of scientists and scientifically knowledgeable institutional investors gave us permission to dive into the deep end of the MOA pool. However, it’s vital we always get the science right and make our scientific and medical videos accessible to the widest audience possible.


We made this Mechanism Of Action video light up with bright colors, translucent orbs, and incredible interpretations of what happens in our body.

If Sephora was a pharmaceutical drug, rather than a cosmetic brand, this could be its MOA because the body and how it works is truly amazing. In addition to pulling out all the stops to create hyper-realistic realism, we drove the story further by using a techno ambient music score, dynamic sound design and a voice talent that empathetically and patiently walks us through the science. All of our MOA videos include a highly stylized client logo and sound design that are reflective of the client’s brand and ethos and can also be used for future video, web and presentation content.

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