Blood Barrier Advanced Wound System

Arch Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing a novel approach to stop hemostasis, control sealant, and manage wounds.

Blood Barrier Advanced Wound System
Bleeding, Complex Wound Care
3D Animation/ Live Action

Uncontrolled bleeding in the field, through chronic disease, or on the operating table, is a serious problem.

Arch Therapeutics Blood Barrier Advanced Wound system stops bleeding, leakage, and contamination while still allowing for normal wound healing.


Arch Therapeutics Advanced Wound System is revolutionary.

So we wanted to get that across clearly to their audience. However, we also were sensitive that some viewers might become squeamish due to the subject matter. An additional challenge included designing and animating Arch’s nanofiber technology.


We created a highly stylized 3D animation, along with live-action footage, dramatic music, and immersive sound design, to demonstrate the challenge of bleeding and how Arch Therapeutics Advanced Wound Care answers that challenge.

This included a visual dance of nano-fibers and a translucent wound bond that brought Arch’s cutting-edge technology to life. The result was a highly successful video targeted to investors and the medical community.

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