Sting Pathway Cancer Immunotherapy

Aduro is a clinical-stage cancer immunotherapy company with multiple therapeutic approaches in development that have the potential to yield powerful immunotherapy combinations.

ADU-S100 Sting Pathway Cancer Immunotherapy
Solid Cancer Tumors, Lymphoma
3D Animation

Within our bodies, a remarkable battle unfolds every day.

Our immune system tirelessly identifies and eradicates potential threats, such as cancer. Yet cancer can cunningly evade both innate and adaptive immune responses, leading to unrestrained growth and the spread of cancer. Aduro’s ADU-S100 is an advanced and effective immune-based therapy that supports the body’s immune response to target, attack, and kill cancer cells.


One of the things that many MOA’s do is go directly to their client’s solution.

The end result is audiences walking away thinking “Oh, that’s great, but what problem is it solving?

Ceptor’s strategy is to present a problem that the targeted audiences understand and then solve that problem via our client’s drug, therapy, or platform. It’s also vital to engage viewers. How we pace different elements, from animation, to music, to the narrator’s voice-over, help tell that story.

Since Aduro is a leader in STING pathway immunotherapy, and the first one to actually test this in patients, they wanted to educate and show the excitement of this promising new therapy, and their leadership in this space. The challenge was to take a highly complex process and simplify it so a non-science audience could understand it, but also be compelling enough for an investor or scientific audience to engage with.


We take audiences deep inside the human immune response and convey how Aduro’s first-in-class therapy, ADU-S100, activates the immune system to create a robust and personalized anti-tumor immune response to cancer.

The story starts with a high-level introduction to our body’s own natural Innate and Adaptive immunity and how it works to defend us from threats, including cancer. We then demonstrate how cancer cells are able to evade the immune system to grow and spread throughout the body. The story progresses by explaining how Aduro’s S100 is designed to stimulate a person’s immune system through the STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) pathway.

The end result is a beautiful 3D animation of brightly colored hues contrasted with more monochromatic scenes of cancer to present both the problem and Aduro’s solution. A well-paced script, thoughtful narrator, evocative musical score, and organic sound design, bring the audience deep inside the body to showcase how Aduro’s first-in-class therapy, ADU-S100, uses a patient’s own immune response to target, attack, and kill cancer cells.

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