Cancer Neoantigen Platform

Gritstone is pursuing more potent and durable immunity through vaccine innovation.

Cancer Neoantigen Platform
2D “Paper Cut-Out” Animation

Gritstone’s goal is to develop groundbreaking immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases.

They do this by identifying & educating a patient’s own T-cells (a type of white blood cells) to fight cancer through their Edge AI-driven platforms: Granite and Slate.


In our Mechanism Of Action videos, we often like to demonstrate the problem before we convey the solution via our client’s drug, therapy, or platform.

But explaining what T-cells are, and why some immunotherapies do not work as well as expected, is a tall order. But then, we had to demonstrate how Gritstone’s Edge AI-driven platform works, and doing it in under three and a half minutes made us metaphorically sharpen our pixels. Add to that the client’s request: “Oh, and can you make it so a lay audience can understand the video but still make it engaging for a scientific audience?” Our response…”Sure, no problem!”


We could have made our lives easy by using 3D animation of T Cells and neo-antigens to tell the Gritstone story.

However, Gritstone’s story is truly unique and potentially groundbreaking. We wanted to create an equally unique video. So we pulled out cardboard, scissors, and markers and got to work conveying their science using paper cut-outs to tell the Gritstone story. In truth, everything was created by our 2D animation team without using actual paper (and no pixels were harmed in the process), but the goal of creating an organic, highly unique animation that told a clear compelling science story was enthusiastically cheered by everyone at Gritstone.

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