DPX Lipid-Based Delivery Platform

IMV Inc. is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company advancing a portfolio of therapies based on the Company’s immune-educating platform: the DPX® technology.

DPX Lipid Based Delivery Platform
Cancer including lymphoma, ovarian, breast and bladder​
3D Animation

IMV is developing a novel class of vaccines that educate a patient’s immune system to fight cancer based on their DPX immune-educating technology platform.

DPX is designed to inform a specific, coordinated, and persistent anti-tumor immune response, improving the lives of patients with solid or hematological cancers.


Since this video was targeted to reach as wide an audience as possible, we needed to educate viewers on where current immunotherapy falls short and how the DPX platform answers that challenge.

It’s always a balancing act between going deep into science or going wide enough for lay audiences to follow. We also wanted to demonstrate how water-based formulations dissipate throughout the body and reduce effectiveness versus IMV’s patented oil-based technology.


Building on IMV’s unique brand color of light and dark purple, we took a deep dive into the 3D pool.

We created an aqueous world that demonstrates how most immunotherapies are administered (the problem), versus IMV’s oil-based lipid technology (the solution), to create a custom combination of peptides, proteins, virus-like particles, small molecules, and nucleic acids. The end result and main takeaway of the video? IMV’s DPX Platform offers the promise of a patient-specific, robust, and sustained immune system response to treat cancer and infectious diseases.

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