About Us

We are Ceptor Studios. The creative agency positioned to translate the most complex scientific and deep-tech explorations into digital products that connect with your target audience.

Our Approach

Storytelling is a buzzword agencies like to throw around so we thought we'd back it up with some proof. Members of our team have led documentary divisions of TV networks and created content for Fortune 100 companies. Along the way, we're proud to have received recognitions including Emmy, Webby, and Telly awards.

But of all the industries we’ve created content and marketing for, biotech, pharma, and healthcare hold a very special place in our hearts for its transformative ability to improve human life.

This is why Ceptor Studios was born.

Dr. Leo Kesner

Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story

They say you are who your influences are.

Ceptor Studios Co-founders Glenn and Kieran Kesner were both strongly influenced by their father and grandfather, Dr. Leo Kesner.

Leo was a biochemist who spent his entire career, as a researcher and educator, on a quest for scientific discovery and cures for the world’s most challenging diseases.

Though Leo is no longer with us, his inspiration lives on in us and many others. His research continues to serve as a building block for countless researchers and scientific advances.

Today, we continue Ceptor Studios in his honor with a goal of supporting scientific research and storytelling around the world.